We spent last week in Upstate New York visiting with family and friends. This was our last trip "home" before we fly to London in 5 weeks. (Gulp!) Pete and I grew up about 40 minutes from one another and we always say this is both a blessing and a curse. My parents are divorced, so we essentially have three sets of families to visit with on each trip. It's always a jam-packed, crazy time. But totally worth it! My brother and his girlfriend came up from the city for a couple of days and we spent a lot of time with my sister and our niece, who just so happened to turn one while we were there. Stay tuned for a post about her beyond-adorable birthday party! I just love seeing Viviana and Josephine interact. They are hilarious! They had so much fun taking baths together each night. I so wish we all lived closer. Josephine just adores her "Vivi".
After staying with my mom and step-dad for a couple nights, we headed to Pete's parents'. We celebrated Nanny and Pop's 36th wedding anniversary at Top of the World golf course in Lake George. The views were just to-die-for! Josephine got to spend time with her Uncle Dave who just graduated from college, woohoo! He is so good with her. It's really very cute. He even let her play his guitar... best uncle ever. :) 
We ended the trip with my dad and his girlfriend at her lake house. It's such a retreat from everything. It's the kind of place you get to and never want to leave. Such a relaxing escape. Josephine loved throwing rocks in the lake, saying "plop!" every time it made a splash. She and Pete chased geese (that pictures kills me every time!) and we all did some hummingbird watching. They have several feeders and the birds just flock to them. Amazing! One of my best friends since middle school came over with her adorable little boy. We were all just fawning over him. I mean, does he not look like a little gentleman??
We got back in to town on Sunday and spent the rest of this Memorial Day weekend unpacking, doing laundry, and settling back in. Poor Josephine got carsick on the drive to the airport, so we spent  most of the day all smelling less-than-lovely. We tried to keep our distance from fellow travelers at the airport. We cleaned up her carseat as best we could with baby wipes, but those poor baggage handlers! I really wish I could have apologized for the horrendous smell of it all. We just couldn't wait to get home and get a shower. I spent a good chunk of time googling how to get the smell of vomit out of a carseat.  It ain't easy. Vinegar and baking soda... lots of it. Blech!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day. So thankful for all of those who serve, who have served, and who have given their lives so selflessly.  And to the families. Their sacrifices are unimaginable, and we are so lucky for them.


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