Something I learned the first time we moved overseas is that as your date of departure draws closer you become extremely frustrated with everything about your current living situation. You name it, you will start to loathe it. You start to think about how much better, easier, etc. life will be when you get to where you're going. Obviously this isn't the case. There will inevitably be things about your new place of living that grate on you, too. I remember getting the same feeling, in reverse, when it came time to move back to the States from Abu Dhabi. I just couldn't wait to be back on American ground and to get myself to a Target. Seriously! Chalk it up to a defense mechanism--the grass is always greener sort of thing--that helps make the transition a bit easier. 

This time around I haven't gotten that feeling yet. And, honestly, I don't know that I will. As excited as I am to get to London and experience it all, I will really, really miss our life here. Maybe it's the fact that we have Josephine now. That we are in a good groove. That we have made so many wonderful memories in the two short years we have been back in the States. As we get ready to move  again I wanted to start sharing some of our favorites here in Northern Virginia... the places, the things to do. It will be a nice reminder of all that we have to come home to at the end of our tour, and (I hope) a great resource for anyone planning on visiting the greater DC area!
The fountains at The Mosaic District are a new favorite of ours. It's no secret we spend a lot of our time at this shopping district. There is just so much to do there. Love everything about it! There will surely be more mentions of this place in this local favorites series. ;) As the days get warmer, you will find this splash pad packed with little ones... and those young at heart, too! The weather was perfect yesterday. Warm, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Great weather for getting a little wet! I wasn't sure if Josephine would be adventurous enough to actually play in the fountains. I thought she would stand off to the side and watch all the other kiddos. But as you can see she got right in there! She had a blast toddling around and chasing after the other kids, and she let out the cutest giggles every time the water hit her. I joked with one of the other moms that I would have put her in a bathing suit had I known she would be so in to it. I at least thought enough ahead to bring an extra change of clothes for her. Thank goodness for that!
When she was done in the water she plopped herself down in the rocks and played there for a good 15 minutes. Picking them up, one by one, and piling them on the sidewalk. She loved those rocks. It really is the little things with toddlers. Gotta love that! Adjacent to the fountains is a huge lawn, perfect for laying a blanket out and having a snack while you dry off. Next time we go I will definitely be bringing along a little picnic. It's the perfect place for you to soak in the nice weather while your little ones run free (or crawl or roll) to their hearts' content!
Fountains @ Mosaic District
2910 District Avenue
Fairfax, VA 22031


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