A portrait series of my daughter once a week for 52 weeks.

You know how you go to Target for some milk and leave with something that was totally not-on-the-list? Well, in my case it was a ginormous stuffed puppy. Yep. Of course I grabbed it off the shelf at the beginning of the shopping trip. To have seen me lugging that thing through the store. Hilarity! We've been on the hunt for a big, stuffed friend for Josephine for a while now. I had my heart set on a life-sized teddy bear, but since our current home couldn't really accommodate such a thing you can be sure our London-sized apartment won't either. Her new puppy has already gotten lots of hugs (and love tackles). He even made the cut for a tea party for two. Now that's love. ;)


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  1. So sweet! We have that same purple ball from Target which Lana just loves. I can't get out of Target without new outfits and/or new toys. It's sucks you in, that place.


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