20/52 + A DIY

A portrait series of my daughter once a week for 52 weeks.

Josephine is such a goofball these days. Everything she says and does has us laughing. Her newest thing is saying "Oh my!" And she says it with such feeling! It was really warm here this past week and every time we got in the car all she kept saying was "Oh my! Hot. Oh my!" Furrowed brow and all. I am always amazed when she comes out with these things. She gets it, you know? I mean, it was really, really hot! 

DIY Minnie Mouse Ears
(adapted from here)

I made these Minnie Mouse ears for my niece to wear at her first birthday party this weekend. I am dying over the cuteness of them. The party is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed... I shared the invitation my sister made here.  Adorable, right?? I thought the birthday girl needed some equally adorable ears to match her invitation!

You will need...
Black Headband (ideally ribbon or fabric covered for comfort... I found mine at Michael's)
Black Felt (one sheet is plenty for one set of ears)
Cardboard (I used a leftover cake circle, but any cardboard will work)
Ribbon (1.5" thick for the bow and 1/8" thick to fasten the bow in the middle)
Hot Glue Gun
White Chalk or Crayon
First, trace and cut out your two felt ears and two cardboard circles using the template. It's best to use chalk or crayon when tracing on the felt so your lines show up enough to cut. Assemble the ears by gluing one cardboard circle in the middle of one side of each of the felt ears. Then, fold up and glue the other side of the ear to the cardboard circle, being sure to leave the rectangular area at the bottom unsealed for now. You will need this opening to thread the ears on to the headband. Run a thin line of glue along the inside edge of the ears to completely seal them, again leaving that opening at the bottom.

To make the bow, cut a 12 inch piece of the thicker ribbon and a 6 inch piece of the thinner ribbon. Fold the ends of the thick ribbon back so they overlap a bit in the center. Pinch all three layers of ribbon together so it begins to resemble a bow. Take the thin ribbon and wrap it tightly around the center of the bow several times, making sure to catch all three layers of ribbon as you go. Tie it off tightly on the back of the bow. Carefully trim any ends that may be sticking out.

To assemble the headband, slide the ears onto the band and position them to your liking. I spaced mine about 1.5 inches apart. Once you have them where you want them, squirt some hot glue in the opening of each ear and pinch the ears closed while also pressing firmly down on the headband. To finish, glue your bow to one of the ears. Voila!

These would make an adorable (and easy) Halloween costume, too! Of course, I forgot to take photos as I went... blogger fail. So I hope the instructions are clear enough without them!! If you have any questions please let me know. :)


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