Books! Probably my favorite thing to do is read books with Josephine. Especially at this particular age and stage. She LOVES them! She definitely has her favorites. And she has favorite parts of her favorite books. We've gotten into the habit of reading some of them in a particular way... changing our voices, doing certain hand movements, or pointing to something particular on the page. Don't even think about changing up the routine. No way! She will let you know..ha! This book is just so fun to read! I pretty much have it memorized. Which, by the way, is probably one of the best talents to have as a parent... who's with me? Can't tell you how many times it has come in handy to be able to recite a favorite book of hers word for word. Diaper changes and long car rides that are creeping a little too close to nap time or a meal... nothing calms her like a favorite story. Josephine loves to mimic the actions in this book. It's super sweet. And even though the little hand was ripped off the cover pretty soon after we got it, it is still in heavy rotation. It's definitely well loved around here! Can't go wrong with Dr. Seuss. Fun to read and great for early literacy... a win win! Mo Willems is a genius in my book. His humor is spot on and he has figured out a way to write books that both kids and parents will enjoy. Josephine loves when we yell out the part where the pigeon says "I'M NOT TIRED!!!!" We get a big, huge belly laugh! I mentioned Josephine's love for Where The Wild Things Are in my last post. Just a classic book that belongs in every little one's collection.

My mom came down to visit with us for a bit which is why things have been a little quiet around here. It was such fun! Pete has been traveling for work, and it's always nice to have some company when he is out of town. We packed a whole lot in to the time she was here, including bringing Josephine to the zoo for the first time! A little peek at our time there is coming up tomorrow! Happy Thursday.


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