I know it looks like I am making out with my daughter here! Ah, she gives the biggest open mouth kisses. Sometimes she will stick her tongue out making for a wet, sloppy one. I eat them all up! Pete snapped these pictures of Josephine and I last night. Her newest favorite activity is rolling around in our bed. She could spend hours just flopping around on all of the pillows and getting dangerously close to the edge of the bed... eek! I am starting to realize that I am rarely, if ever, in any pictures with my little girl. I am always the one behind the camera or the iPhone snapping away. My grandmother commented on a picture I posted of Pete and Josephine on Facebook the other day - yes, my grandmother has Facebook... she's quite hip - asking where I was in the picture. It really got me thinking. While I cherish all of the pictures I have of Pete and Josephine I would hate to look back and wish I had taken more photos of Josephine and me. That would really be the worst. I also wish we had more family photos, but that's a whole other can of worms. I always think how great it would be to have a professional photographer on hand at all times to catch our little family just doing our thang. Capturing the mundane and normal moments that make our life what it is. And the big, exciting ones, too! So, anyway... I am just so thankful that Pete thought to break out the camera last night. Hoping to step out from behind the camera a bit more these days!


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