It was another wonderful weekend full of fun times and memories and visitors. This time it was my dad and his girlfriend -- Ja-Jo and Bap-cha (Polish for grandma and grandpa) -- who came down for the weekend. On Saturday, we headed over to the shopping district down the street from our place. We love it and I'm pretty sure you will be able to find us hanging out there every weekend this spring and summer. The Nationals and Cardinals were playing on the "big screen" outside the movie theater, and my dad, a die-hard Cardinals fan, was in heaven! We also did a lot of walking up and down the sidewalks, cheering on our little walker-in-training. Now that we are so focused on Josephine and her walking every little outing turns in to a 'let's go walk over here!' or 'let's go climb up those stairs!' type of thing. And, it's really fun. When you become a parent even the most mundane of activities becomes something you will gladly do over and over just to see that excitement in your child's eyes. It's really funny how that happens. We ended the day celebrating my handsome hubby's big 3-0 (a day early) with some yummy Mexican food and drinks on the patio at Cyclone Anaya's, and managed to find some room in our bellies for gelato. There's always room for ice cream... am I right??
Ja-Jo and Bap-cha hit the road after Easter Mass, and Josephine dug in to her Easter basket after her nap. Raisins, fruit snacks, and bunny grahams were all huge hits. This girl LOVES her snacks... can't blame her. Bubbles were a very close second. It was so much fun watching her go through the basket. This was her second Easter, but the first that she was actually aware of what was going on. As she gets older and understands more, I'm really looking forward to teaching her the true meaning behind all of these special holidays. For now, though, it's just great seeing her excitement over everything!

Lest you think I let Pete's 30th slip by without a party, we will be celebrating it next weekend with friends. But, if you follow me on instagram you will know that he got the best present EVER on Sunday. We have a walker, friends!!!  


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