A portrait series of my daughter once a week for 52 weeks.

There's a story behind these new kicks here. 

Josephine just turned 17 months and she still isn't walking. She is a cruiser and will walk from one piece of furniture to the next or while pushing her little shopping cart, but she can't pull herself up to standing on her own (without holding on to something) and she hasn't taken any steps on her own. Back at her 15 month appointment the doctor recommended that we call Early Intervention to get her evaluated. Back then I thought it was a bit extreme, if I'm being honest. It wasn't that I was against the idea of it, just not at that point. So, I put it off... and put it off some more. You know the drill. Finally, about a month and a half ago, I made the call. We were set up with a service coordinator who came to the house to talk us through the process of everything and to give a preliminary evaluation to see if Josephine would be eligible for the services they provide. As it turned out, she was. She had only hit one of the six milestones for gross motor for her age. The next step was to take her in to their center to have a full evaluation by a physical therapist and a speech therapist (her speech is just fine, trust me, it was just part of the process). We had that appointment last week, and long story short, Josephine has very, very low muscle tone in her hips and abdominals. Both of which are important to balance and to walking. Her ankles are also slightly turned in. It was recommended that she have physical therapy, so four times a month we will have a physical therapist come to the house to work with our little buggy on building up those muscles. In the meantime, the therapist at the assessment recommended we get her a pair of high top shoes to help support her ankles. Thus, the new (and adorable, if I might add) sneakers you see here! 

Just because she isn't walking doesn't mean she can't get around. Oh no! This smart girl has figured out she can get where she needs to go by walking on her knees. She is a pro and quite speedy! Of course, the guilt hit me a bit after the evaluation. What more could we have done? Why didn't I get her better shoes to begin with? I should have called sooner.... and so on... Trust me, I know it is so silly to feel any guilt about this. Sometimes as moms we just have that knee-jerk reaction, though. Something is wrong and we could have done more. Even if it was completely out of our control. So, we now have some spiffy new shoes and are just waiting on the call from the physical therapist to set up her first appointment. As part of her evaluation, we had to come up with a long term goal... I just thought about how great it will be to see her running, jumping, and playing along with all her peers some day. I am keenly aware, these days, of children walking and running around. Especially if they look younger than Josephine. The fun she will have when she can walk and run along with other little ones her age... I am just so eager and excited for that day!


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  1. those shoes are adorable. and even better since they also serve a purpose. form AND function. good luck with everything!!


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