1/sunhat 2/yellow two-piece 3/heart sunnies 4/dress 5/jelly sandals
6/straw hat 7/tunic 8/bikini top 9/bikini bottom 10/denim shorts 11/aviators 12/sandals

In a little over two months we will be vacationing on the Jersey shore with my family. Yessss! This post is as much a fun fashion one as it is a bit of a nudge for me to remember that there is a light at the end of this never ending winter. 'Cause, if I'm being honest, this weather has been taking me on an emotional roller coaster of '70 degrees and sunny... yay it's spring!!' to 'uggh! it's freezing... oh, and snowing... wonderful!' Today, by the way, was the latter... so over it. Anyway, let's talk about all things summer, sun, and beach, shall we?

I already purchased the hat and two-piece for Josephine to wear this summer. They are both just adorable. The hat has little blue pears on it... ah, the cutest! I may have just ordered the heart sunnies, too. Josephine is super sensitive to sunlight--those light eyes of hers--so I am hoping these sunglasses, paired with the sun hat, will give her a bit of relief. Of course it all hinges on whether she actually wears them. My bets are on that they stay on her face for about 2 seconds before they are ripped off. Won't stop me from trying, though!

I am always drawn to big, floppy sun hats. In theory they are great and really do keep the sun off your face. I used to be a sun worshiper, but these days I am more about keeping covered as much as possible. Especially my face. As much as I love them, though, those big hats are always so cumbersome and I find myself constantly fighting them to be able to see under the brim. That straw hat looks like it would give some good coverage but still allow me to keep an eye on my little munchkin. I have been eyeing those denim shorts and just ordered them with a 40 percent off coupon... darn you, Gap, for always sending all those coupons! I know they will be a summertime wardrobe staple. The aviators are definitely not in the budget, but I do adore them. And those sandals are a great everyday shoe for summer. I could see myself grabbing them to wear with everything from maxi-dresses to shorts to skinny jeans. They'll add a perfect pop of color... and you can't beat the price!


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