When I'm out and about with Josephine I can pretty much bet on at least one person, usually more, stopping us and commenting on how blue her eyes are and how beautiful of a baby she is. And it runs the gamut. From elderly grandmas in the elevator at Target to the young guy working the checkout at the grocery store. I, of course, have to agree. I am a bit biased as it may be, but to me she is the most beautiful, precious, perfect thing that ever did live. I'm sure those blue eyes will continue to be one of her most striking features. Maybe even her favorite feature. As a mother of a daughter I am very aware of the huge responsibility I have (and Pete, too) to make sure she grows to be confident, happy and comfortable with who she is - both inside and out. And this means helping her see the beauty in everything about her. It means being an example for her. It means loving myself, flaws and all, so she will do the same.

Growing up I was always so self-conscious of my dark under-eye circles. I can remember as young as elementary school feeling like I wished they just weren't there. I had a classmate tell me once that it looked like I had big garbage bags under my eyes... kids can be so mean, right?! As I got older and started wearing makeup I was always so concerned with covering up those darn circles. I'm sure I went way overboard with the concealer. I just wished I was one of those girls with the seemingly flawless skin and face who never had to worry about that kind of stuff. So silly. Of course with age always comes some kind of clarity. Or, maybe it's just a feeling of 'who cares, really?' Whatever the case may be, at the ripe old age of 30 I am so much more content in the skin I am in than I was as a teen and even a twenty-something. Those under-eye circles aren't going anywhere no matter how many different eye creams I try. They are a forever reminder of my Polish heritage. (Thanks, dad!) And motherhood certainly hasn't helped the situation. Sleeping in is something I kind of, sort of remember.

Being a girl these days is so much harder than when I was growing up. Gosh, there just seems to be so much more pressure to look a certain way. I just hope against all hope that Josephine grows to find beauty in even the most pesky and problematic parts of her. That her worries and anxieties aren't centered around appearance. That she finds beauty in the unconventional.

p.s. Happy St. Patrick's Day! We woke up to a white one here in DC....uuggghhhhhhhhh! Enough already, Mother Nature, enough... we surrender.  



  1. I could have written this exact post, Erin. My dark, undereye circles come from my Polish heritage as well (thanks, Mom), and I have only in the past few years come to the conclusion that they aren't going anywhere so I might as well just embrace them and stop caring so much. I mean, I still love my concealer and all, but I'm just not self-consious about it like I used to be.

    As amazingly beautiful as I think my daughter is, I try not to say "oh you are so pretty" to her even though I want to tell her that every minute of the day I am with her. My goal is to focus on qualities that are more meaningful and less fleeting than looks. But I agree...the challenges that lie ahead are both overwhelming and terrifying.

    1. Polish people unite ;) It's so much easier to just let it be than to worry about what you can't change! We are all about focusing on positive qualities, too. "You are so great at sharing!" "You give the best hugs!" "You tell the best stories!"(...even though we can't understand a word of them..ha!) It is overwhelming, but empowering at the same time, to know that we are the ones to shape these little beings into who they will become!


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