When Pete and I lived in Abu Dhabi we never thought twice about getting out and exploring all that that country (and surrounding ones) had to offer. Hike around Petra, sure! Explore the souks of Muscat, why not? Take a long weekend to stay in the middle of a desert oasis, love to! Each and every time we returned from a trip to some new place we would say something along the lines of "why didn't we do this back in the States?!" There is so much to see and do right here in our own country, yet there are so many places I have never been. The Grand Canyon and the entire Southwestern United States come to mind. We happen to live mere miles from our nation's capital and I hate to admit that we have only seen a small portion of all that DC has to offer. Before we move overseas again this summer I really want to make a conscious effort to take advantage of all of the amazing experiences found right in our own backyard. To be a tourist in our own town.

Pete's brother was in town this week for a visit so we ventured over to the Udvar-Hazy Center, a sister site to the Air and Space Museum in DC. Check that off our DC bucket list! Pete is a huge nerd when it comes to anything plane and flying related. In another life he would be a pilot. He talks about it all the time. Let's just say he was in heaven. Even I have to admit, the place was pretty cool. It's basically a huge airplane hanger filled with aviation and space artifacts. Seeing the Enola Gay in person was pretty surreal. I have to say though, the hands-down best part was the space shuttle Discovery! You just can't grasp the sheer size of a shuttle until you are standing right there next to it. I was in awe.



  1. I just saw your comment on Brittany's blog and thought I would pop over and say hi. We are in DC too!

    1. Hi, Kate! Thanks for stopping by. It's always fun to come across other DC folks :)

  2. I think I understand how Pete feels. It just feels great when you’re on a plane, seeing the world below. It makes you appreciate our world more. I agree with you. The Discovery is one of the best things man has created. While it already looks majestic in pictures, you really have to see it in person to truly appreciate it.

    Shawn Holstein


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