A portrait series of my daughter once a week for 52 weeks.

We had a pretty big snowstorm Wednesday into Thursday, and once it stopped snowing we couldn't wait to head out for a walk. Even though she is getting to be a big girl, I still love carrying Josephine in the sling. Nothing like the little snuggles I get when she is curled up close to me in the carrier. There is still no walking going on...hrrumph. Lots of cruising and walking with her walker, but no independent steps. I keep thinking how fun it would have been to let her run around in the fresh snow! I know she will take those first steps when she is ready. Everything in her own time. At her 15 month appointment we were given the number for early intervention, and I plan to call this week to make an appointment. Part of me is holding out hope she will just up and start running around before then, though!


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  1. L started walking JUST before she turned 16 months. Prior to that she did a lot of cruising and walking with a walker. One day she took a step or two and then decided she didn't want to do that again for another week or so. There were times when I wondered if I should worry, but I decided I would just let her do things on her own terms. I'm not saying don't call the number if you think calling the number is the right thing to do, I just think unless you suspect some real problem, then don't worry that she isn't walking yet. She is doing everything right on schedule for her! This is just my opinion...obviously you know your daughter best! (Right now I am struggling with whether or not to get L weaned off the bottle. She likes her bottle; I like snuggles when she's drinking her bottle! She does drink water from a sippy just fine, but she wants her milk from a bottle. I don't know what to do!)


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