It's been a while since I shared some of our favorite things over here. These products are all in heavy rotation at our house, and each has lived up to the expectations. This cup has been a godsend. No, really. We attempted to wean Josephine from the bottle at 12 months.  I went out and purchased several (read: 4) different types of sippy cups, each was met with full-on sobs. After that we decided to back off on the weaning for a bit. When Josephine turned 13 months I went searching again and found amazing reviews for this cup on Amazon.  I purchased it, fingers-crossed it would be the one. Well, the reviews didn't lie. She drank from it on the first try and we haven't looked back! We are big Honest fans, and this healing balm has cured many a bad diaper rash. It's great for chapped cheeks and chins, too. It gets the job done. 'Nough said. We live in a very drafty apartment and since Josephine eventually kicks off any blanket we try to put on her, these sleep sacks have been the best thing for ensuring she is cozy all night long. She wakes up all warm, toasty and pink-cheeked. Love! This bib has saved many an outfit and has cut down on the post-meal cleanup immensely now that we have a self-feeder on our hands. A spoon-full-of-oatmeal-wielding toddler is no match for this bib. Trust me. Josephine recently figured out she can take food from the pocket and eat it. Bonus! And she will sometimes just put food in there for fun until she wants to eat it. Not that this would be a selling point for the bib, but ya know, no food goes to waste. Ha!


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