I was so excited for Josephine to wear this adorable party hat at her first birthday! I hoped for at least a couple cute, hat-wearing photos, but it just wasn't happening. She was more interested in playing with the strap and pom pom than in wearing it. Oh well. I am still glad I decided to make it.

I searched high and low for the perfect party hats to fit the color theme of the party. Even pinterest was lacking in the cute party hat department. I eventually found this one and used it as inspiration to create Josephine's hat. What I love about it is you can really personalize it to match the rest of the party decor. You could make several hats to hand out to guests, or just one for the guest of honor. Mix and match the colors and patterns. Put streamers instead of the pom pom. The options are endless!
To make the hat you will need…
Paper Mache Cone (I found mine at Michael's)
Yarn (I already had this yarn in my stash in 'dusty pink', but any soft yarn will work!)
Craft Paint (I used this one in 'pea shoot')
Small Sponge Brush
1 inch Hole Punch
Card Stock
Elastic or Ribbon or String
Glue Gun
First, make your pom pom. I used this tutorial and let me tell you, it was SO simple! After years of knitting this is by far the quickest way to make a pom pom I have come across.
Next, create a stencil for the circles by punching a hole in the piece of card stock. Trim the card stock around the hole to a size that is manageable for you to work with. Be sure to leave enough along the edges in case you go 'outside the lines' while you paint…something I definitely did a lot! Alternatively, you can use a circle stamp or sponge to create the circles. In hindsight this would have been much easier, but I wanted to try to use materials I already had on hand. I just painted the circles randomly around the cone, but you could definitely plot them out to ensure the pattern is balanced all the way around.
  Once the hat is dry, attach the pom pom to the top with a glue gun.
To finish, cut a piece of elastic (or two pieces of string/ribbon) to fit the size of the head that will be wearing the hat, comfortably. Attach inside the cone on either side with a glue gun, then get to celebrating!
I finally got the hat on her today for about .2 seconds. I call that a success!

This week I plan on sharing a couple more fun DIY projects from her party. I had so much fun making everything and pulling together all of the special little details! Let me know if you make a hat of your own…would love to see all the different variations of it!

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