Cake toppers and cupcake toppers are two party details that add just the right amount of fun and whimsy to a dessert table. I just love how they look, and they are super easy to personalize and customize based on the colors you are using for the rest of the decorations.
The cupcake toppers were one of those projects that take minimal time and effort, yet really dress-up a plain old cupcake. They were so easy to make!

All you will need is...
Washi Tape (the 'mint' tape I used can be found here …the 'pink stripes' appears to be sold out)
Small Cake Pop or Lollipop Sticks

To make the flags, cut a strip of washi tape. You can cut it as long or as short as you like, it all depends on how long you want your flags to be. Next, fold the tape around the top of the cake pop stick, making sure both sides line up evenly. This was probably the hardest part of the entire project. Finally, make two diagonal cuts to create the flag shape. And that's it!

The garland cake topper required a bit more time, but was worth the extra effort. I made a larger version of this garland a while ago for Josephine's nursery and just love how it looks hanging above her crib. I couldn't wait to make a mini-version for her birthday cake!

You will need…
Colored tissue paper (cut in to 6" x 6" square)
Twine (I used this one)
Twist ties
2- Long Lollipop Sticks
Small Cake-pop Stick (or other small-diameter stick)
Razor Blade or Rotary Cutter
Straight Edge or Ruler
Glue Stick
To make the garland for the cake topper, first fold your tissue paper in half length-wise (1), then in half width-wise (2), and then in half again (3).
 Position the tissue paper so the folded edge is 'down' towards you and the folded sides are to the left.
With your straight edge and a razor cutter, trim away the top of the tissue paper.
Mark a line 1/4" in from the left edge of the tissue paper. Using your straight edge and cutter, and making sure to begin the cut to the right of the marked line, begin to cut strips in the paper. You can make these strips as thick or thin as you like (I ended up with five strips). Once you have cut all the strips, trim off the bottom folded edge of the tissue paper just as you did the top. This will leave you with four separate pieces of tissue paper in each color. For this project, I only ended up using one tassel in each of the colors, but you can use as many as you like for your topper. If you have extras you can always use them elsewhere in your party. I used some of the extra tassels to 'dress up' the jar I put the forks and knives in.
Take one piece of the cut tissue paper and open it. Cut a 1/2" piece of twist tie. Apply glue to the middle of the paper (where the fold is) and adhere the twist tie to the paper. Then, carefully roll the twist tie in the paper. The strips can easily become twisted when you do this, so take your time as you go. 
Take the smaller cake pop stick and fold the middle of the twisted paper around it. Twist the tissue paper several times around. Then remove the stick. You will be left with a small opening for threading the twine. Complete the above steps until you have all of the tassels you will need for your topper.
Cut the twine, adding on a couple inches more than you will need. Thread one tassel on to the twine and create a loose knot by looping the twine around and through the hole a second time. Do the same for your remaining tassels. The loose knot will allow you to adjust the placement of the tassels to ensure they are evenly spaced.
To finish, tie the twine to the top of two long lollipop sticks. Cut the extra twine, and there you have it! 


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