Saturday was such a fabulous day celebrating Josephine's first birthday. I keep thinking back to how much fun it was! So many of our family and friends were there. It was extra special having everyone share in such a big day! I didn't get nearly as many photos as I hoped to, but I am SO thankful to my sister and Pete for making sure to capture all of these moments. I planned on taking photos of all the little details and decorations and of Josephine with more of her party-goers, but I'm not at all bummed about it. I knew I wanted to just enjoy every moment of her party, and not worrying about picture-taking really allowed me to do that. I will say, I now know why people hire professionals to snap photos at things like this!

One of my favorite memories of the party was when Josephine had her cake. I had no idea how she would react. Needless to say, when she just went mouth first into the the thing, we all died laughing! It was classic! I have about twenty more images from her cake-eating session, and each is better than the next. Such a silly girl! I hemmed and hawed over her cake and ultimately went with a sugar-free variety. She had just a couple tastes of the frosting and cake before she was over it, so it probably wouldn't have made much of a difference, but I'm still glad I went the sugar-free route. In case anyone is interested, I used this recipe.

Pete and I are still riding the high from such a great weekend of celebrating. After our families left today to head back home, we took a little walk, just the three of us. We both got a little emotional talking about how proud we are of how Josephine has grown in her first year. It's hard to really put in to words how incredibly happy and lucky I feel to be able to call this little girl my daughter. Goodness, watching Josephine interact with everyone just made me beam. She is growing in to such a fun-loving, cuddly, spunky little girl. I mean, she literally hugged every.single.person that held her. Even people she hadn't met before. My mama heart definitely melted a little every time!

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