Four years ago I stepped out of a vintage Rolls Royce, in a torrential downpour, and married my best friend. Tonight, we will celebrate by putting Josephine to bed and ordering take out. And it's a pretty safe bet that we will be asleep by 10. My how life has changed in these four years! And to think, at this time next year we will be living life in London. Happy Anniversary, Pete! Love ya.


  1. happy anniversary lovebirds! yes, the anniversaries do change after the little ones but honestly sometimes it's so nice to take the pressure off and order take out. enjoy!

  2. thanks lesley! we probably would have done the same thing even without the little one in the picture, if i'm being totally honest. give me takeout and a bottle of wine over a fancy dinner any night...but at least now we have a good excuse to be lame-os ;)

  3. happy anniversary! sounds like the perfect way to celebrate!


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