Josephine will be one in a little over three weeks. Ohmygoodness you guys! We are having a small party to celebrate, inviting family and friends that live in the area. We have a teeny, tiny place so the goal is small and intimate. I have been all over Pinterest trying to come up some first birthday party inspiration. I am usually not in to the overly girly stuff, but for some reason I keep gravitating towards the pinks, mints and golds. So we're just going to go with it! I will be DIY-ing most of the decor. Even though going the do-it-yourself route can often be just an added stress, I get such joy out of crafting and creating. And most of the projects are pretty simple. Like those confetti-filled balloons! Love those. I hope to share a bunch of the projects once the party is over and share some of tips and tricks I learned along the way.
One thing I am struggling with is the "smash cake." One of those first birthday rights of passage. I really want to give her something to dig into, but I've had this inner back and forth over whether this occasion is the right time to introduce Josephine to sugar for the first time. I am kinda leaning towards no. I found this recipe I may give a try. It will still be sweet, but not overly. Pretty sure she will still love it! If you have a great sugar-less cake recipe, please do share!

You can find more party inspiration here!



  1. Yay can't wait to celebrate. Haven't made any of the cake/cupcake recipes, but other desserts on this site are good: http://www.elanaspantry.com/gluten-free-recipes/desserts/ (most have sweetners though, but they're agave or honey instead of sugar). Also, this looked like what you were going for as well, with maple syrup as a sweetner: http://www.rubiesandradishes.com/2013/08/16/babyfriendlycake/ (no need to make coconut milk though, just buy the Goya cans at the grocery store!)

    1. thanks, steph! i will give them a look. can't wait to have you here on the big day ;)

  2. love your inspiration board! we are on the same page with the sweet colors. i saw that "one" cake and highchair on pinterest. adorable! you guys are going to have the best time celebrating sweet josephine. clink those glasses too! i feel like the one year mark is just as much a celebration for the parents. :)

    1. i thought the same thing when i saw your board! something about pretty pastels for a little girl's first real party :) i can't believe she will be 1, and am already bracing myself for the mama tears that will probably be shed at some point that day...but we can't wait to celebrate our little lady and a truly wonderful first year of parenthood!


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