Fall has finally made its way to Northern Virginia. Hooray! I have been waiting to feel those cool temperatures again. On Saturday there was a fall festival at the shopping district down the road from us, so we decided to stop by to check out the fun. There were vendors, food trucks, paint-your-own pumpkins, a live band. Everytime we go to something like this I always think about how much fun it will be once Josephine is old enough to really appreciate it. She had a blast, don't get me wrong. Clapping and bopping to the music (one of her newest and cutest tricks), and pointing at all of the balloons and kids running around. But it will be fun when she is able to run and dance around herself.

We usually don't take the time to really walk around and explore when we find ourselves at The Mosaic District. It's usually an in-and-out of Target trip. But the festival gave us an excuse to poke around a bit more. There are the coolest art installations scattered all around. Like the life-sized chess board and the bamboo tunnel. So fun! On our way back to the car we even caught someone playing Taylor Swift songs on one of the blue pianos they have placed around. I don't know that I would have the guts to just sit and play. I wanted to give him a big high-five and a "rock on, dude!"

Hope you had a lovely weekend, and were able to get out and enjoy the new season! I think we may venture to a pumpkin patch next weekend. One more thing to check of the fall bucket list!

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