I hope you all had a rejuvenating Labor Day Weekend! The end of summer always seems to sneak up on me. Even though the warm temps will probably stay with us through October here in Northern Virginia, it is still a bit sad to say goodbye to sandals, iced tea and cookouts. We ended our long weekend with Josephine turning 10 months old. Stop it! We are in double digits, friends, and I can't believe I will have a one year old in two short months. This little lady loves making friends with everyone she sees. The grocery store, the mall, the post office. Everywhere. When we flew up to Cape Cod a couple weeks ago, there wasn't a single person who got on our plane that Josephine didn't make eyes at. She flashed that two-tooth grin at everyone who looked her way. We had many, many friends by the time we reached our destination. We met one particular passenger, a dad to two teenage girls, who could not get enough of Josephine. It was so sweet to hear him gush about his girls. He gave us a 'they grow up so fast!' It's a line we hear oh-so-often these days. Gosh, I feel that way now! And I'm sure this feeling only grows (exponentially) as the years go by.
Our girl just keeps getting sillier and sillier, has personality for days, and knows what she wants! I know our strong-minded girl will butt heads with us down the road, but I am glad to see her developing a mind of her own. That trait will take her far in life. I am certain!


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  1. trying this again... josephine! happy 10 months baby girl. you look so much like your mama. sounds like you are a first born that's for sure (spoken from first hand and personal experience;)) go get 'em girl!


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