Oh, where to start? I have been absent from this space for what seems like an eternity. Lately I have been feeling pulled in so many directions. I have a to-do list a mile long. Most of it is little stuff, but sometimes the little stuff makes that list so much more tedious. When I have a lot on my plate I tend to just shut down. Rather than getting up and just doing something, I sit and stress out about everything I have to do. Sounds crazy, right? The worst! I found this image as I was browsing pinterest the other day, and it really hit home.

Redesigning this blog has been one of the things I have been meaning to do for a while. I have zero experience when it comes to website design. So I spent the last week tinkering and googling all about html and css, and other things that made me realize I really should have gotten a degree in computer science before taking on such a huge project. I felt way out of my league, but aside from some little things that I am still working on, I am really happy with how it has turned out!

Josephine is keeping us on our toes these days. Everything goes in her mouth. Cords, paper, little pieces of fuzz on the carpet, you name it. I have been thinking a lot about our home as a space that works for Pete and I, as well as for Josephine. A lot of that comes from creating a child-friendly home. This post was a huge inspiration. I love the idea of decorating with the child in mind. Proof that having children does not mean you have to give up style or unique pieces when it comes to decorating. It doesn't have to be one or the other. Genius! I am slowly making my way, room by room, ensuring that anything at her level is okay for her to touch, play with, chew on. We live in such a small apartment as it is, keeping her confined to one or two rooms just doesn't seem fair.  I want her to be able to explore her environment and surroundings, and a child-friendly home really lends itself to that.

How did you approach 'child-proofing' your home?


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