It's not often that I gush or go on and on about my husband on this blog. It's not that he doesn't deserve it. It's really quite the opposite. But it's just not a topic I really like to put out there all the time. Since we are all friends here, though, I want to take a second to share just one of the reasons I continue to be smitten by this guy. 
Pete travels every now and then for work. Most of the time it is internationally. Long plane rides and different time zones doesn't really make it easy to talk while he is away. And I really, really miss him when he's gone. I dread these trips. We aren't a couple that finds a little time apart rejuvenating and renewing.  Frankly, we are both miserable the entire time. Which I suppose is a good thing in the end. It means we like each other, after all, but it pretty much stinks! For as long as I can remember, every time he leaves on one of these trips, he puts notes all around the house for me to find. And this time was no different. I found the first one about an hour after he left. It was in the drawer where we keep Josephine's diapers. I found another in a pot in the kitchen. One in a book in Josephine's room. Another in a bag of chocolate covered pretzels...ya know, all the places he knew I would be poking around while he was gone. He somehow manages to hide all of these notes without me knowing. Haven't caught him doing it yet. Once I find a note, it becomes a game of how many more I can find before he gets back. Five so far. And I'm sure there are more around here somewhere. Just have to keep lookin'. I just love the notes to Josephine. So sweet. I know she can't understand the words, but just knowing he sat down to write these little notes to us is more than enough. I get all misty-eyed just thinking about how much he loves his little girl. That guy. He knows just the way to make me smile and we can't wait for him to get home. 



  1. Let us know if you ever need anything when he's gone. you know we are here for you!

  2. The happiest day for me and John was seeing him with you declaring his eternal love for you Erin. We always knew what a special guy he is and we are so glad to love you and Josephine. Marriage is a wonderful way to spend your life with someone who loves you.


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