It's so neat to watch your child develop a sense of self and a sense for what they like and don't like. I see it now with foods. We like (among other things) yogurt, blueberries, cheese. We gag at peas. We don't like broccoli. Oh, wait, that broccoli is mixed with cheese? Well in that case, get that in my mouth right this second!
 We have some other favorite things these days besides food, of course. I always love reading what toys and gear other parents find their children gravitating towards. Some seem to be universal. I mean, we are totally on a first name basis with Sophie over here. That little giraffe is the bees knees. Wooden spoons and mixing bowls, too. Here are some of our other favorites lately...

The books, especially, have that well-loved look to them. You can tell she is a fan. Bent covers. Fraying pages. We must read Peek-a Who? at least 10 times a day. What do your little ones love lately?

(Another post about favorite baby items from the first few months. I clearly failed at keeping up with those posts...oops!)


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