We hit up our local farmers market for the first time this past weekend. It is something we have had on our to-do list for a long while now. The market is only a ten minute drive from our house, so I am kind of ashamed to admit that it has taken us over a year to get our act together enough to make it there. We went stall to stall tasting a lot of yummy, locally grown produce. We are starting operation eat healthier around these parts, so we picked up some veggies for a couple of meals this week. I am going to make this for dinner tomorrow, and can't wait. Now that the weather has finally taken a turn to fall, I am looking forward to making more (healthy) comfort foods. I will say that the smell of made-to-order cider donuts did not help the cause. Ha! Luckily for our self-control, there was very long line.  Josephine was in heaven sampling the cheeses and fruits. She was also quite content snuggled up close to me in the sling. From there she could people watch to her heart's content. I recently fell back in love with baby wearing in a big way. The only way I was able to get anything done when Pete was out of town last week was with Josephine in the sling. She is teething something fierce, and just wanted to be held all.the.time. Now she gets excited whenever she sees the sling out and I can't get enough of the extra cuddles!
On our walk back to the car we stumbled upon a historic family farm from the Civil War era. The barn outback was filled with farming equipment from the period and opened on to a huge, grassy area with a great playground. We had no idea any of this was so close to our house. The very nice man who worked at the house was dumbfounded when we said it was our first time visiting. We left feeling a little silly, and are making it a point to go back when they have their annual Farm Day in October. I really want to make a bigger effort to get out and about in our town. There are so many family-friendly places like this in our area, and Josephine is at the perfect age to start taking advantage of it all.



  1. love these pictures of your sweet family. it's a goal of mine to do more family fun outings too. we end up in project mode every weekend. glad you got to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather!! xo

    1. thanks, lesley! an outing at least once a weekend is the goal. especially with this beautiful fall weather!


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