Tomorrow we are off to Cape Cod for a week with my family. I grew up going to the Cape, and it has been years since I've been back. Getting there will require a plane ride and a bit of a drive. Trying not to think about that part. I was really stressed out about what to pack for a week-long trip to the beach with a baby in tow, but I decided not to over think things and just pack minimally. Sometimes I feel like I over pack when I plan too much. So, we are kind of flying by the seat of our pants on this one. Here's hoping this plan to not over plan doesn't completely backfire! I won't be blogging from the Cape, but you can follow along with me on instagram: @erinmucha. There are sure to be some gems!

Here are some links + reads for your weekend...

The best tutorial on how to paint your own nails I have found so far.

Not completely convinced to change much for my next pregnancy, but this article brings up some interesting points.

Make these...and try not to eat the whole batch yourself!

A recent discovery...clean out your closet and make a little money (and maybe get some new items while your at it). A win, win (win)!

Is being a stay-at-home-mom a waste of a college degree? No, if you ask me.

I will be needing lots and lots of this after all the yummy food (and drinks) I will be enjoying at the beach!

Happy Weekend, friends!

girlfriends + the beach...found here


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