We just returned from our week-long trip to Cape Cod. Such a much needed break. And, just the right mix of fun and down time. We spent a lot of time just sitting at the house, enjoying the company and hanging out on the back deck. There were a couple beach days and a little day trip to Martha's Vineyard thrown in, as well.
It was everyone's first time going to Martha's Vineyard, so after we hopped off the ferry we grabbed some lunch at a waterside restaurant and did some exploring. It was a cute place. Lots of restaurants and shops. Beautiful homes, too!
We stayed in a little two-bedroom house, and at one point there were eight adults (plus Josephine). Quite cozy. It's a good thing we all like one another! For the most part, we were able to keep Josephine contained in our room after her early morning wake-ups. But, early mornings are inevitable when you have that many people in one house. Most of the people staying were okay with earlier mornings. But, my poor brother, he and his girlfriend were awoken much earlier than they probably would have liked. "I've decided this is the worst place to be. Everyone in this house is either close to retirement, parents, or teachers. And, you all get up at 6am!" I about died laughing when I heard this. He meant it in the most loving way. They were such great sports about it all.

Our trips to the beach turned out to be much more relaxing and pleasant than I could have ever imagined. And, that was due in large part to the beach tent we purchased. Best. Decision. Ever. Josephine l-o-v-e-d that tent. We brought a bunch of her toys, and she just crawled around in there to her heart's content. There was a perma-grin on her face. The girl was in heaven! I would have loved to have her nap in the tent, but that just wasn't happening. We ended up holding her for all her naps. Something she was not too keen on was the ocean. It totally freaked her out. She clung to us for dear life whenever we tried to put her little toes in the water as it came up on shore.
Now that we are home, I am feeling that all too familiar post-vacation let down. Blah! But, remembering that next weekend is a three-day weekend sure helps!

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