Well, friends, Sunday is my 30th birthday. It is here. Back in my younger years I remember thinking about what my life might be like at thirty. I would probably be married (check!). Have hopefully started a family (check!). While life has pretty much gone as I would have hoped, it has also taken off in directions I could never have imagined (Hello, living in the Middle East!
Yes, it's just a number, but there is something about entering this new decade. Now, more than ever, I feel compelled to reflect and refocus on my goals and hopes and dreams, both old and new. Since Josephine has entered our world and turned it upside down and sideways in the best, most special way, priorities have changed. Things have been pushed to the side. And, funny enough, I can honestly say I am the happiest and most content I think I have ever been. But, Josephine will soon be ten months old. She is slowly changing in to this little, independent-thinker of a person. She still needs me, and for that I am so thankful. But lately I have been getting the itch to get back to some of those things that were brushed aside. I used to knit. I miss that feeling of creating. I have been sitting on an Etsy shop for a year now. Waiting for the right time. Waiting to have the time. I would love to grow the readership of this little blog. And that takes time, too. These goals are lofty. And typing them out makes them seem even more daunting. I know it all won't happen tomorrow. There is patience, time, a lot of hard work, and a good deal of faith involved. From where I sit, though, thirty is looking pretty darn promising!

obsessed with these geronimo balloons...found here


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  1. Happy Birthday on Sunday!! I love your positive attitude on ending this era and the start of a new decade!


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