This blue-eyed little girl is 8 months old. I cannot believe it. Cannot. Someone please, please make time stop. Life lately with Miss Josephine has been so much fun. Oh, there has been some serious nap regression, a nasty cold, teething, and other not-so-fun things, but, really, she is just such a ray of sunshine. Smiles (although not on this day as you can see...), giggles, babbling up a storm...I could just eat her up! We have long conversations. Mostly her talking and me repeating back what she says. Sometimes she gives me this little grin that says..."yes, that is exactly what I am saying...you totally get it, mom!"

We are oh-so-close to crawling around here. She gets up on her hands and knees, moves forward about an inch and then collapses onto her belly. Any day now. I am thinking of all the child proofing that needs to happen...yikes! We've been introducing more and more foods lately, and so far she has loved every single one. Last weekend, I decided to try my hand at some homemade purees. Josephine was kind of meh about them in the beginning. Well, it turns out she only wants food that comes out of one of those cool pouches a la Ella's Kitchen. Little stinker. So, this smart mama just scooped up some homemade puree, pretended to squeeze out a little from a pouch...it worked like a charm! Now she's all but forgotten about those fun pouches and gobbles up my purees without hesitating. Score one for mama!


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