A couple of weekends ago I finally got to meet my precious niece, Viviana. And, Josephine got to meet her baby cousin. My mom was coming down to visit for the weekend, but I was so surprised when my sister showed up at our house, too! Vivi is such a sweetheart. I completely forgot how tiny, light, and snuggly an almost 2 month old baby is. Pete and I were joking that we must have completely blacked out for the first couple months of Josephine's life. I just don't remember her being that tiny. And, funny thing is, she was even smaller at that age! My mom was dead set on the two of them having their photo taken together in these matching outfits she bought. She would dress my sister and I alike all the time when we were little. Josephine is very fair-skinned and light-haired like me, and Viviana has darker features like my sister. I know seeing these two together brought back memories for my mom of her two girls when they were just babies. The photo shoot was hilarious. We were waving and clapping and making googly-eyes at Josephine to get her to smile. I'm sure anyone walking by the window thought we were nuts. Totally worth it, though. The pictures turned out so precious! I still can't believe my baby sister has a baby. I can't wait for these two little peanuts to grow-up together. They are so close in age. I hope, as they grow, that they develop a very special, sister-like bond. That would be so great.

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  1. Erin What cuties they are thanks for sharing them. your Dad sent them to me. Hope to see you folks when you come to visit. Cousin Frances


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