Our little buggie is 7 months old! I'm telling you, this age may just be the best yet. I probably will say that about every stage. But, really, this age is so much fun. It seems like she is learning something new everyday. I feel like I constantly need to watch her so I don't miss something. Her latest trick is sitting up all by herself. She looks like such a big girl to me. Rolling over is old hat now. However, we are waiting oh-so-patiently for her to learn how to roll back. She gets 'stuck' on her belly quite often. She used to get super frustrated, but lately she just lays face down as if to say I give up! Hilarious. 
 We are slowly incorporating more and more new foods in to her diet. She loves pears and carrots. Applesauce and bananas, not so much. I am thinking it's a texture thing. Food needs to be completely smooth and not too thick..otherwise there is gagging and some other not-so-pleasant things. Let's just say I've learned my lesson four times over now. There will be no more applesauce or bananas for a bit! 
Teething has reared it's ugly head this month. Poor little thing is cutting her two bottom teeth. It is the saddest, most pathetic thing to see her go through this. Hopefully there is a little break before the top ones decide to make an appearance. She is going to look so different once those teeth come all the way in. She is already looking so grown up lately. Teeth will make her that much less of a baby. That makes my mama heart break just a tiny bit! Parenthood sure can be filled with some crazy, contradictory feelings sometimes. We anxiously wait for them to sleep through the night, to roll over, to start to crawl. But, as soon as they start to act a little too grown, we wish for those itty bitty baby days again. At least that's what I find myself doing a whole lot of lately!


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