This past weekend I hung up my mama coat, packed my heels, and headed up to NYC to celebrate a good college friend's 30th birthday.
On Saturday morning, I met three other friends at the train station and we hopped on an Amtrak train. There were smuggled mimosas and lots of catching up.
 We arrived in NYC just in time to get completely drenched in a torrential down pour while trying to hail a cab. Despite our best efforts, we arrived at our Soho hotel looking like a bunch of drowned rats. Ha! Once we checked in, we dried off, got all gussied up, and headed to a wine bar for a couple drinks before the party began.
Danielle's parents graciously hosted her 30th Birthday party at Rayuela in Soho. There were signature cocktails, sangria and yummy Latin inspired hors d'oeuvres. So good! After the party, we all headed to another venue for some dancing. So, funny story, the bar was called Happy Ending. For real, that was the name. And, yes, it just so happened to be a former massage parlor. Ahem.

We called it a night around 2 am. Waaaay later than I am used to! I was paying for it all day Sunday, but it was so very worth it. Hanging out with good girlfriends is a luxury I don't get much of these days. I soaked in all of the adult conversation (and wine) I could. When I got home on Sunday, I got some extra snuggles from Josephine. I just love that little lady so much. She made me a mama, and I am forever happy she did!



  1. How fun! I remember last Saturday; we had plans to go into the city, then just spent the day inside watching movies instead while it stormed. I have no idea how you can stay out that late with a newborn--kudos! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

    1. I was not feeling so hot on Sunday, trust me! I am usually in bed by 10 at the very latest. There won't be anymore of those nights for a very long time :)


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