You are six whole months old! Well, actually, you are six months and one week old. I am in a bit of denial about all of this growing up stuff, which is probably why it has taken me a whole week to write this post. This month has been filled with change. You are now exclusively bottle fed. It has been a long time coming. Between reflux, fussiness and just generally struggling with breast feeding from the start, I have finally come to peace with the fact that you are a much happier and healthier little girl now that you are able to get a nice, full belly. This transition was much harder on me than you. There were tears and emotions that I had a hard time putting a label on. It really felt like a death of sorts. These days you are mostly formula fed and I am now slowly weaning my body from pumping. Reflux continues to rear its ugly head, though. I feel like I am constantly catching spit-up. There are burp cloths all over this house. We have tried you on every formula out there, and most recently switched you to one of the most expensive formulas on the market. Your dad likes to joke that you are our 'premium baby'. Only the best, and most expensive will do!
Sleep training was another big transition this month. You are now able to fall asleep on your own! We are still working on establishing a good napping routine during the day. But, at night, you are an awesome sleeper. After your bath and bottle, you sleep anywhere from 10-12 hours. We are so beyond thankful for this. You have also mastered the art of rolling over and you have enjoyed your first tastes of solid food. Like I said, there has been a lot going on! You continue to flash those toothless grins, and your giggles fill us with so much joy. That is one thing that hasn't (and won't ever) change!


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