Last week we packed our bags and flew to Florida to spend time with Pete's side of the family. Packing for a week away from home with a little munchkin is no joke. I felt the need to pack everything and anything I could possibly need to keep Josephine's routine and environment as similar to home as possible. Pete pretty much let me take the reigns in terms of packing. But he did draw the line at packing up the fan we have in her room for white noise and the sound machine we use as a night light. Ha! If anything, packing for myself and a little one made me really edit the amount of clothing I packed for myself. I have never packed lighter!
As luck would have it, the weather was not the warmest. There were some mornings and evenings when it barely broke the 40 degree mark. On top of that, Josephine had a rough week sleep wise. Pete and I were two very tired souls that week. But, we made the most of it. It was just fun to be able to spend all that time with family. 
And, we did get one gloriously sunny and warm day. It happened to be our last day there. You can bet we took full advantage with a day spent by the pool!

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