This is the first springtime we have spent in the States in two years. Abu Dhabi didn't really have seasons. At least not in the sense that we are used to. It was more like warm, hot and hotter. So I am loving this change in seasons. Josephine and I went for a walk yesterday. It was 75 degrees. The birds were chirping, tulips and daffodils were sprouting up everywhere. It was idyllic, really.
The only thing putting a damper on this gorgeous weather is that we have been battling the sickies for the last week around here. I came down with a cold when we got back from Florida. And, despite all my efforts, Josephine now has it. Runny nose, sneezing, coughing. But, she is the happiest sick baby I've ever seen. And she is on the mend. Thank goodness.
Today we have another walk on the agenda. Hello 80 degrees! If only there was a pool or beach nearby...that's one thing I will always miss about Abu Dhabi. The beach club. The ocean. Take me back!

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