My blue-eyed girl, you are 5 months old today! Those smiles you give, I could just eat you up. And you have started giggling more and more. Adorable, I tell you! We took you on your first plane trip this month and you were a flying champ. Flashing other passengers smiles to make up for the little bouts of crying. You know how to win over a crowd. You greet your mama and daddy with lots of coos and babbles every morning. And we are always entertained by the acrobatics you must perform in the night. It's the same scene each morning. We find you sideways in the crib, completely free of your swaddle blanket, legs hanging out the bars, a huge grin on your face. One of these days I will get a picture. I literally laughed out loud when I went to get you from the crib this morning.
We are still battling the reflux monster. Since switching you to a new medicine you seem to be a much happier little girl, though. You are sucking down bottles of pumped milk and formula. Still not a great nurser, but I feel a bit more at peace with it all. Our main goal is to get you back on track and gaining weight. And every once in a while we do have a really great nursing session. You can bet I cherish those!

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  1. okkkkkkay. i'm very angry. i'm ordering you to move back here right this instant!!! i'm pretty sure we would have been good buds. xx


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