Lately, I have been trying to get Josephine and I on some sort of schedule during the day. I find that I feel so much better if I have a loose idea of what the day will look like. And, I get way more accomplished when I have an actual game plan. One of the things I always try to incorporate in to our day is a walk around our neighborhood. The weather has been wonderful for walks. And, the scenery isn't too shabby, either. Now that Josephine is going down for naps on her own during the day (and napping longer!), I have found myself with more and more time to actually get things done. It is such a great feeling and is definitely helping me feel more like a 'person' again. I know I am not the only new mama out there who felt like this day would never come! I have plans to get back to crafting and knitting, as well as getting my Etsy shop back up and running. My mom gifted me with one of her old sewing machines for Christmas, and it has been sitting in the corner of my craft room ever since. I have been dying to start teaching myself how to use it. I can't wait to make some adorable little sun dresses for Josephine (and her new cousin who is due oh-so-soon)!
Hope you all had a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend!


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