Was it really almost 2 weeks ago that I wrote about our big upcoming move? I wish I had a good excuse for why I have neglected this space for so long. But, if I am being honest, life happened and there were always other things to do. In the past couple weeks, the sleep situation around here has been a bit trying. We have an amazing sleeper at night, but try to get Josephine to nap during the day? Forget about it. This little girl fights naps like it's her job. There were some really bad habits that we had gotten ourselves stuck in when it comes to getting her to sleep. Rocking, bouncing, swaying, walking. And, once she finally fell asleep, she would only stay down for 30 minutes, on a good day. So, full-on sleep training has commenced. As of yesterday morning, we no longer swaddle and are practicing the 'progressive waiting' method. I am almost hesitant to write this, but it is actually working! She has been falling asleep on her own with less and less crying and fussing. Hallelujah! I no longer feel that sense of dread when nap time rolls around, and I no longer get that pit in my stomach when I hear her start to fuss on the monitor. It is such a wonderful feeling.

This past weekend we headed home for my sister's baby shower. She received so many wonderful gifts. Little Viviana Rose will be gracing us with her presence very soon! I can't wait to meet my little niece! I didn't take a single picture, so had to steal all of these from Facebook. Another big ol' blogging fail!
Saturday was also Pete's 29th birthday. And, on top of hosting a baby shower later that day, my mom whipped up a huge breakfast to celebrate. She is a wonder woman!

Hope you all are having a great week!


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