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Just wanted to share some things I have been loving as late.
With a new baby, we are rarely lighting candles around the house. But I received this candle as part of a promotion the Honest Company had back in February, and when Josephine blessed me with a two hour nap the other day I decided to try it out. I am in love. It has a subtle orangey-vanilla scent. Much like a creamsicle. Yum!
The eye cream is something I have been using for several months now. My eye area tends to get very dry, especially in the winter. This stuff is a miracle worker! It is super moisturizing. A little goes a long way, so this little tub will surely last me a long while. And, when you apply it there is this burst of moisture. Kind of like it is made up of concentrated water... Does that even make sense?? Anyway, I am hooked!
I have been going to the Aveda Institute in DC to have my hair cut for years. Every time I go, they pass out water and this AMAZING tea. It is an herbal tea with licorice root and peppermint, and it has this very subtle sweet flavor. Oh my goodness it is so good. Well, when I went this past weekend to have my hair done--I chopped several inches off and now have a long bob a la Jennifer Aniston...now if only I could look like her, too...sigh--I found out that they actually sell the tea. I was so excited. Then I saw the price....17 dollars for 20 tea bags...yikes! Not something I could afford to enjoy everyday, but something to splurge on when you are craving some comfort and relaxation.


  1. That tea sounds delicious! And I need a good eye cream too, thanks for the tip! I'll have to go and see if it's sold here in Holland!

    Love the look of your blog!

    1. It is the best eye cream I have found yet! Hope you can find it over there :)

  2. Great picks. I have the same candle and can't wait to finally use it.


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