Josephine has never been an awesome sleeper. We have to shush, bounce, dance, rock... And, I take complete blame. We never passed up a chance to have our cuddly newborn fall asleep on our chest or in our arms. It was the absolute sweetest thing. And something I don't regret. I still love the feeling of her snuggling close and drifting off to sleep.

If not for swaddling, we would never be able to put Josephine down once she has fallen asleep. We have been swaddling her since birth. She is our little burrito baby.

So, when I was asked to review the Zen Swaddle--an innovative swaddle by Nested Bean that mimics the feeling of being held--I couldn't wait to try it out!

Here's a bit more information from the Nested Bean website...

The Zen Swaddle™ is the only infant swaddle to mimic your touch. Its lightly weighted parts apply gentle pressure on your baby's sides and center to provide the comfort and security of being held. Touch or simulated touch is medically proven to calm babies by triggering a self soothing response thus improving their ability to regulate stress. Therefore, the Zen Swaddle™ combines the benefits of swaddling and touch to provide a time-tested and truly safe, secure environment for your baby.

The first thing I noticed about the Zen Swaddle was it's size. It is huge! And that's a good thing.
It allows for you to swaddle a three or four month old just as tightly as you would a newborn. I was able to get our little peanut nice and tightly wrapped.

At three months old, Josephine is reaching the point where she probably won't want to be swaddled for much longer. She is able to wriggle her hands out of a swaddle no matter how tight we wrap her. The Zen Swaddle allows you to wrap your baby with her hands in or out, making it perfect for the older baby who is no longer content having her arms tied down.

While I didn't see a marked difference in the length of Josephine's sleep, I did notice a calm come over her as soon as I placed the weighted portion of the swaddle on her chest. And, I noticed that it took less time to rock her to sleep while she was in the swaddle.

In order to reap the benefits of this swaddle, I really think it would be best to use it right away--while your little one is still a newborn. I only wish I had known about this product back when Josephine was a just a tiny, new babe. I have a feeling this would have worked wonders on her!

You can purchase your own Zen Swaddle here!

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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