We have never been the couple to do it up big for Valentine's Day. Usually, we have a nice dinner at home with a good bottle of wine. Low key all the way. 

Now that Josephine is here, I am excited for Valentine's Days to come. I look forward to the days of putting together cards for her classmates and baking yummy treats together. I feel like all holidays--big and small--are that much more fun through the eyes of children. I can't wait!

Other than getting dinner prepared, I will be hurrying around trying to get things packed today. This weekend, Josephine will be baptized, and we decided to do it up in New York so more family would be able to attend. It will be in the same church Pete and I were married. That will make the occasion all the more special. So tomorrow, bright and early, we will get in the car and make the drive up. We are cautiously optimistic that the trip will go a bit smoother than it did at Christmas. Long car rides are not so fun with a screaming infant.
Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us. 
Pretty please?

Any Valentine's Day plans? 
Do you like to do it up big? 
Or, do you fancy a more low-key celebration?


  1. Good luck in your travels! We don't do much for Valentine's Day either. Just a nice dinner out.

  2. We went to see a movie. Still trying to get it all in before the little one arrives. But i still prefer a quiet night at home with dinner and a movie.


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