1. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets I don't know how we would ever get Josephine to sleep without swaddling her. We used the Aden+Anais blankets when she was a bit younger. They are bigger than the blankets they use in the hospital. Plus they are stretchy, breathable, soft, and adorable! Now that she is a bit stronger and able to break free of a regular swaddle blanket, we have been using this and this.
  2. Sakura Bloom Ring Sling I was always a bit wary of ring slings. How could a piece of linen and some rings ever be secure enough to hold a baby?! Well, I have had this sling for a couple weeks now, and wish I had it from the start! It is so comfortable, and Josephine LOVES it! We also have this carrier...which we love just as much.
  3. JJ Cole Bundle Me Josephine was born in November, so I knew we would need something to keep her warm through the winter while we were out and about. This car seat cover is great! It is super warm and cozy. And, you don't have to bundle baby in a ton of layers!
  4. Sleep Sheep On-the-Go We use this ALL THE TIME. We put it in her crib or bassinet when she is sleeping. We attach it to her car seat for car trips or for walks in the stroller. Anytime white noise is needed, this little guy is there!
  5. Fisher Price Whale Tub Josephine hated sponge baths. She would get cold almost immediately. Bath time was not a calming experience at all! Now that her umbilical cord has fallen off and she is a bit bigger, we are finally able to give her a real bath. And, bath time is much more fun and relaxing now that she can sit in the warm water! She would stay in there forever if we let her!
  6. Quick Smart Travel Bassinet Since Josephine still sleeps in our room, this has come in very handy. We put it on the floor at the foot of our bed...makes for much easier late night feedings. Sometimes, we even put it in bed with us. It does take up quite a bit of room, but we feel less nervous about having her sleep in bed with us when we know she is safe. It is also great for traveling. It folds up in to a compact messenger-style bag, and comes with a changing pad and lots of pockets for baby essentials.
  7. Wubbanub This pacifier is not only adorable, but has been a godsend. There are few things more frustrating than constantly getting up to put a pacifier back in your sleeping child's mouth. The extra weight of the plush toy on this paci helps keep it in baby's mouth. We have several other pacifiers, but we use this 99% of the time. And, now that she has a bit more control over her hands, Josephine holds on to the giraffe while it is in her mouth. Oh it is so cute!
  8. Mamaroo This is not your ordinary, everyday baby swing or bouncy chair. It has several different rocking settings like kangaroo, car ride, tree swing, etc. It comes with a bunch of white noise options. And, it has an mp3 dock. Just plug in your iphone or ipod and you can play all of your favorite lullabies! Up until about a month ago, this was the only thing Josephine would sleep in. We even disassembled it, packed it back in the box, and brought it with us when we went up to NY for Christmas! I really don't know what we would have done without it. We probably wouldn't have gotten any sleep in those early weeks.
  9. Summer Infant Video Monitor It is so nice to be able to see what is going on when Josephine begins to stir while sleeping. Sometimes she will make noises but not necessarily wake up. This monitor has saved us countless trips in to her room during nap time!
  10. Skip Hop Activity Gym Josephine got this as a gift for Christmas, and she loves it! At first she would just stare at the animals, but now she bats at them and coos. It is so cute to watch!
There are definitely a ton more products and gear we use and love. But I wanted to keep it to the things we really could not live without these first three months.

What are some of your baby gear loves?

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