Little Miss Josephine, you are one month old! 

Your dad and I cannot believe you have been here for one whole month already. So much has happened in the short time you have been in this world. The first few days at home were spent trying to figure out and adjust to our new "normal." I would say we made it through those initial days pretty well! 

We had lots of visitors in your first month. You have met almost all of your grandparents, as well as your Aunt Kaitlin, some cousins, and some of your mom and dad's friends. Everyone has fallen head over heels for you. We can't wait to bring you up to New York at Christmas so you can meet even more family and friends! 

I think it is safe to say that we have finally gotten the hang of nursing. And you have been gaining weight like a champ! You left the hospital weighing 6lbs 9oz, and at our latest doctor's appointment you were 8lbs 4 oz. You really don't give us many clues that you are ready to eat, so it took us a while to really pick up on the subtle cues that you are hungry. Now that we know what to look for, we have been able to prevent you from going in to full blown hysterics. You get very unhappy if we make you wait, and once you realize you are hungry it is difficult to get you calmed down enough to eat. Feedings are much more pleasant for all of us now that you we have learned your cues! We are slowly getting in to a routine with you. You nurse pretty much every 2-3 hours around the clock, so sleep is still something your dad and I don't get much of. We are looking forward to the day you give us some longer sleep stretches at night!

Being typical first-time parents, we have called the pediatrician twice since you have been born. The first time we called because your umbilical cord was bleeding. That turned out to be completely normal, and the cord fell off several days later. We called a second time because we suspected you had a reflux issue. You would scream and scream when we placed you flat on your back. You were noticeably uncomfortable during feedings, and you were spitting up a lot. The doctor prescribed Zantac, and within a day you were a completely different baby! We are still dealing with some fussiness and gas. I have completely cut out dairy and some other foods to see if that does the trick. It is so sad to see you uncomfortable.

You are changing everyday! You are really starting to fill out, and are slowly losing that newborn look. I know this is a good thing, but a part of me wants you to stay your little, squishy newborn self forever! 
Your dad and I love you so much, little peanut!

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