After a week and a half in our new place, all of our stuff has finally arrived from Abu Dhabi. I am under strict orders to just sit on the couch while the madness of unpacking goes on all around me. An apartment that at one point felt rather spacious is slowly filling up with furniture, dishes, appliances... 

It may take a couple of days to dig out from all of the packing paper and boxes, but we will get there. Nesting takes on a whole other level of meaning when you have an entire apartment to organize.

On Saturday, I head up to NY for a week of family time, relaxation, and my baby shower. Time is flying by, and lately I feel like I haven't had much time at all to just "be"...to just sit and write or knit or read. Our goal is to have everything organized, put away, and settled by October. We want that final month to be able to sit back and enjoy the last weeks of what has been a truly great pregnancy.

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