-We are (finally!) moving in to our new place on Saturday...which also happens to be my birthday...couldn't think of a better birthday present than that! Many of you may not know that we have actually been living in a hotel for the past month and a half since returning to the States. I can't wait to have a place of our own! It's been nice having people clean for us everyday, but living in a hotel room gets old really quick. And, I am dying to get started on the nursery!

-I have been toying around with the idea of re-designing my blog for a while now. I am okay with how it currently looks, but I am no web designer and I know that a professional would be much more capable of creating my "vision". I have found several great options on Etsy and just have to make a decision already!

-Speaking of re-designing...I am planning a complete overhaul of my Etsy shop. It has been in "vacation-mode" since before we moved, and I have just been putting off re-opening it. I really want to incorporate more than just knit and crochet goods, which means I need a new shop name, design, etc. I am excited, but also a bit overwhelmed at all that this "re-branding" entails. Stay tuned!!!

-My baby shower is coming up and I have loved searching out unique things to add to our registry. One of the most recent things I added that I am super excited about is a map for the nursery. Since Pete's job takes us all over the world, I had been on the look out for a map of some sort to put in the nursery to keep track of all of the travels we have been on, and to add future travels to. I wanted a map that was somewhat geographically accurate, but also artistic. I heard about Children Inspire Design through Babylist (the website we used to register for baby items), and while browsing all of their prints, came across the perfect map! I love it and can't wait to use it to tell our child about all of the places we have been, and keep track of all of the places she will eventually travel to with us!

map via

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