-It may be a bit crazy to already be looking for furniture for the nursery seeing how we have no idea where we will be living, let alone what the nursery will look like or how big it will be. But, despite all that, I am on the hunt for a glider. Preferably a "modern" style that doesn't cost $700. I am in love with this one by Nurseryworks, but again, the price tag and my budget just don't jive! Any suggestions??

-I started to put together a baby registry, and cannot say enough good things about BabyList! It is a site that literally allows you to register for items at ANY store that has a website, and compiles them all into one registry list. And, when I say any store, I do mean any store...you can even register for things on Etsy! Also, the founder, Natalie, is amazing to work with. I may have to do a whole separate post on the wonders of Baby List. If you are planning on registering for your own baby shower, I would highly recommend checking this out!

-Speaking of registering....there is so much stuff out there for babies! A lot of which I realize you don't necessarily need, but still, Holy Cow!

-The other day I was trying to find a way to lie on my stomach without squishing the baby and here was my husband's brilliant idea:

Yes, those are our couch cushions, and it was actually quite comfortable!

-In three days Pete and I will be on a plane back to the US!!!!! I am just a tad bit excited...

-I just realized that almost all but one of these ramblings have to do with being pregnant or baby stuff...just a little glimpse in to this pregnant lady's brain!

Hope you're all having a fabulous Thursday!


  1. I used myregistry.com for my baby registry and it was terrible. It sounds almost the same as the one you're using but it wasn't user friendly at all. Good luck with your registry! And congrats on moving back to the US.

  2. For what it's worth, we love our Poang chair and footstool from Ikea. It is more of a "bouncer" than a glider, but it definitely looks modern and is under $200.

  3. I bought The Baby Bargains Book for my iPad and it has been so helpful. It provides reviews of tons of items/brands. http://www.amazon.com/Baby-Bargains-Secrets-furniture-maternity/dp/1889392405

    I recommend it because registering for baby stuff was so overwhelming because there is just so much out there! Good luck! Baby showers are the best, by the way, but I probably didn't have to tell you that. :-)


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