We took a little stay-cation over Memorial Day to the Desert Islands Resort on Bani Yas Island, a nature preserve about 3 hours away from Abu Dhabi. It was one of the most relaxing and refreshing trips we have taken. One of those trips that you really don't want to return home from. 

We did a lot of sitting by the pool, taking walks along the beach, and general lounging around...


We also took advantage of one of the many activities offered by the resort, and went on a guided drive through the massive wildlife preserve on the island...

Of all the animals we saw, I think the giraffes may have been my favorite! It was amazing to just drive past cheetah, ostrich, gazelles and other animals as they grazed and lived on the land. The animals were all pretty docile, and would come right up to the jeep. It definitely made for great photos!

We loved it!


  1. Abu Dabi?!?! That's so AWESOME!! We live in Costa Rica!! Is it beautiful there?

    1. I don't imagine it's as beautiful as Costa Rica! There is A LOT of sand and it can get pretty hot and humid here in the summer. But it's nice to live in a place where you can be at the beach every weekend :)


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