On Sunday I entered my thirteenth week of pregnancy. While I technically won't be out of the first trimester until next week (14 weeks), making it to the 12 week mark last week and sharing our big news felt like a huge milestone. It meant that I had made it through that critical time where the possibility of miscarriage was always in the back of my mind. And, it meant that I made it through the much talked about symptoms of the first trimester relatively unscathed.

When we first found out I was pregnant I felt fine. I kept waiting for the morning sickness to hit. I was still able to eat everything I had been eating. I was still able to go to the gym and exercise normally. I thought I was one of those lucky few who would never experience those horrible symptoms. That was until I hit the 6 week mark.

It was like a switch went off in my body. While I never actually got sick, I had some pretty intense all-day and all-night nausea. I was barely able to eat or drink anything. I lost 3 pounds in one week and thought that I would never be able to eat or function normally again. To make matters worse, with my heightened sense of smell any odor sent me over the edge. When Pete made dinner, he would have to eat it on the other side of the room to ensure that I wouldn't be able to smell it. It was pretty miserable.

After the first week of feeling like I wanted to die and barely having the energy to shower, I talked to my doctor who suggested I try taking extra Vitamin B-6. I don't know if it was a placebo effect or if it actually did something medically, but after about a week of taking the B-6 I started to feel like myself again. The day I got my appetite back was the best day! The only pesky "early pregnancy symptom" that remains is the fatigue. But I would take the tiredness over feeling sick any day! Now, don't get me wrong, I know compared to a lot of other women I had it pretty easy. I do count my blessings that I didn't ever actually get sick and that I only had the nausea for about 3 weeks. I definitely don't take any of that for granted!

Okay, enough of the sick talk, which I am sure you all didn't really want to read about anyway. Now on to some pictures!

I started taking photos of my belly at 10 weeks. A little disclaimer...Looking at the pictures now, some of them make me look like I am further along than I actually am. I blame it on bloating...yet another fun early pregnancy symptom. I don't think I will really have an accurate sense of "how big I am" until I am a bit further along. Most days I wake up looking fairly normal and by nighttime I look like I am about 6 months along. So just keep that in mind when looking at the photos below.

At 12 weeks, we had our second doctor's appointment where we heard a very strong heartbeat and got a glimpse of our growing mini-moo. It was wiggling around in there so the doctor had a hard time getting a good image, but here is one of the better ones.

And here we are at 13 weeks...

I am still trying to come up with a clever way to document my growing belly. There are so many cute ideas out there on Pinterest and other blogs I read. Maybe by next week I will have decided on something. I want to document this pregnancy on the blog not only for all of our family and friends that we aren't able to see and talk to everyday given that we live overseas, but also for myself. I think it will be a nice way to forever remember what this first pregnancy was like. And, once this little one is born and at an age where he or she can understand, it will be so neat to share the pictures and what I was thinking and feeling when he or she was growing inside of me. So I apologize if this blog turns in to everything baby in these coming months. That is just what I have on my brain at the moment!


  1. So glad you're doing this! It's nice to see the bump grow when you're so far away. Check my Pinterest baby board, I found a lot of things you might like as well. There are too many cute ideas that I had to start saving them!

  2. OMG how fun Erin!!! Keep blogging and I'll keep following. Best of luck and enjoy your pregnancy-what a wonderful feeling knowing there is life inside of you.
    Sue (Wilkie)

  3. How fun Erin! Such a good idea! So happy for you two!


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