We have made it to the final post about our Jordan trip...wahoo!

As I mentioned in the previous post, we left Petra and headed on our way to Wadi Rum.

Being the film buff that he is, Pete was very excited since Lawrence of Arabia was filmed in Wadi Rum.

{Look closely...yes, that is a camel being towed behind a truck...just one of the interesting things we saw on our drive}

Wadi Rum is quite expansive. You could spend days exploring. So, when we arrived we chose to hire a driver to bring us on a 2 1/2 hour drive that would allow us to see some of the highlights of the wadi.

This is our driver, Salim.

He was very nice, and we learned that he lived in Rum village--a little village located within Wadi Rum. We actually drove through his village at the beginning of the tour. Salim was born and raised in Rum and has many family members there. And, some of his family are Bedouins that live out in the wadi itself.

As soon as we made it in to the wadi we came upon some camels.

They were very friendly, and came up to the car to say "hello".

After a short drive we arrived at our first stop: Lawrence Spring. It is named for T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia). Supposedly this is where he stopped to water his camels during his trek through the desert during the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire.

It really wasn't all that exciting to see. Basically, it is a very large rock formation. There were, however, some ancient Nabataean engravings on the rock that were pretty neat.

The best part about Lawrence Spring (in my opinion) was that we were able to see a lot of camels that had wandered over to drink.

Our next stop in the wadi was a sand dune. We have seen our fair share of sand dunes living in Abu Dhabi (and even climbed a few), but we still got out, climbed on up and got some photos.

Next, we headed over to Khazali Canyon where we were able to get some shots of the surrounding landscape and see more of the Nabataean petroglyphs!

{Looking in to the canyon}

{Some really neat petroglyphs!}


{...and a couple more.}

Our final stop was a rock bridge called, "Little Bridge".

To get to the bridge, we first had to climb up a sand dune in order to get to the rock we needed to climb to make it to the bridge. Once we got to the rock we took what seemed to be a very random and haphazard path--we climbed up the rock a bit, then down, then up, then down. Salim was quite nimble, and made the climb look so easy. I remember watching him climb and thinking: I can do that! But then when it came time to climb myself I had to stop and ask, "Are you sure I can put my foot there??" Eventually we made it to a flat portion of rock, and it was there that we could see just how high we had climbed!

I thought we had made it to our final destination, but I was wrong. There was a bit more maneuvering to do in order to get to the rock bridge itself. Now, I am not one to be afraid of heights, but when I saw how I would have to climb to get to the bridge, I decided to stay put and act as photographer.

{Salim and Pete}

And here is a cool shot of the rock bridge's shadow that gives you a better visual of the bridge...

After getting some photos we made the climb back down to the car and headed back to the Visitor's Center.

We said goodbye to Salim and started our drive back to Amman.  We got back around dinnertime, so we had some food then went to bed pretty early since we were exhausted from all of the exploring we had done.

The next day it was time to head to the airport and make our way back to Abu Dhabi.

The trip was quite the whirlwind, but we had such an amazing time! We are always asked what our favorite part was, and in all honesty, we loved it all! If you ever get a chance to visit Jordan...do it!!

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