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After our stop at Mt. Nebo, we wound our way down a steep mountain road, full of switch backs, and arrived at the Ma'in Hot Springs.

{view from our drive to the hot springs...you can see the Dead Sea in the distance and get a sense of the mountainous terrain}

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the hot springs are a lesser known tourist spot. We hadn't originally planned on going, but it was suggested by our hosts. And, let's be honest, on a cold, windy day, you didn't have to twist our arms too hard to get us to go to some hot springs!

There is a hotel and spa located at the springs that you could pay to use. They actually temperature-control the spring to ensure the water is always at a tolerable temperature. Because it is a natural hot spring, you can imagine how important the temp control would be in the hot summer months! We chose to visit a "public" area of the hot springs (not controlled by the hotel). The area we visited used to be a part of an old hotel that has since closed down. Since it wasn't the dead of summer, we weren't all that concerned about the water temperature being too hot for us to go in without the temperature control.

{a sign with the average water temp. for each month (in Celsius)...we visited the springs in February}

The water felt really hot. Kind of like stepping in to a hot tub that is a little too hot. Because the air temperature was so chilly it took a little for your body to get acclimated, but after a couple of minutes it was fine.

{you can see the steam rising from the water!}

We were literally the only people there...it was A-MAZING! Like our own private sanctuary.

Unfortunately, you couldn't really stay in for too long because the heat of the water eventually starts getting to you. You start to feel overheated and need to get out. The good thing, though, is that you feel nice and warm for quite a while after getting out!

After our dip, we went to the hotel down the road to grab some lunch and get pictures of some of the falls that feed the springs.

{the small box on the rope is for a 'destination dining' experience that the hotel offers...you hike up to the top of one of the falls and you can get your meal served to you up there...pretty neat!}

{the falls were simply breathtaking}

Next up: The Dead Sea...

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  1. You are so lucky to be able to travel around while you are there!! The pictures are amazing!! <3 Kaitlin


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