The next stop on our adventure through Jordan was Karak Castle. It is a sprawling crusader castle built in to the side of a hilltop, and in order to reach the castle you must wind your way through some pretty narrow and steep roads!

Once we arrived, we purchased our entry ticket and made our way in to the castle.

 We didn't really have a game plan in terms of what to see at the castle. We didn't do any research prior to arriving, so we just wandered around the grounds for a bit.

At one point during our wandering, a local man who worked at the castle as a guide came up to us and said, "Come this way!" We were a bit taken off guard since we had planned on just walking around on our own and hadn't planned on getting a formal tour, but we decided to go with it. So we followed him as he led us down a narrow and dark stairway into the bowels of the castle.

{entering into the unknown}
{it was dark down there!}

We were so glad that we decided to follow our new friend, since he brought us down in to parts of the castle that we definitely wouldn't have seen without him. The stairways and passageways that he led us through were very dark and didn't look like they were meant to be taken. But he had a flashlight and maneuvered us through safely.

I can't recall what part of the castle all of our pictures are from since a lot of them look similar, but we were able to see stables where horses were kept, prison cells, bedrooms, dining areas, and kitchens. I wish I could remember the exact number, but our guide told us that several thousand people lived in the castle!

{a bedroom window}

{large prison cell}

{carvings of tally marks made by a prisoner keeping track of how long he was there...each slash is for one year, I believe}

{part of the drainage system that leads to a cistern deep below the castle}

{I made a new friend}

{a receptacle for stomping grapes to make wine}

{a basin of some sort}

{an oven in one of the kitchens...you can still see the soot on the ceiling}

After our tour was done it was time to say good bye. But not before getting one last picture with our guide.

He requested this photo with me...by the way. Poor Pete was just the photographer for the day :)

We had a great time there, and were so glad that we decided to follow along with the guide. We got a lot more out of our time there, and learned a ton more than we would have otherwise.

We then left Karak and made our way to Petra!

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